Our Story

Slick Street is a LONDON based global retailer, established in 2019 by one young entrepreneur from the United Kingdom. Here at Slick Street, we aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest exclusive streetwear. We grow and now our main office is located in London UK. Also, we currently have warehouses in North America, Europe & Asia.

Slick Street aspires to bring you the latest fashion trends at an affordable price.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience owning fashionable clothes. We are able to bring you the most unique streetwear at the lowest possible prices. 

Thinking about life and modern culture, we realized that nowadays it’s all about exclusive brands. However, we think different. We believe you don´t need expensive brands to express who you are. It’s about you. You express yourself by your style and the person behind that style.

With this in mind, we started Slick Street - a “brand” without labels or branding on the products. 

Our products are delivered directly to your doorstep and come with a satisfaction guarantee. Our shipping is always free.

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Slick Street Because fashion and style are not about brands or labels.